Quel  soin capillaire à base d'huiles précieuses serait le plus adapté à vos cheveux ?

Which hair care based on precious oils would be the most suitable for your hair?

After a hair diagnosis, the verdict falls: your hair needs in-depth care to regain its shine and elasticity.

It is still necessary to know the respective benefits of the oils and even more, the amplified benefits of mixing the oils together. Afro and Beyond delivers its beauty secrets to you through 4 treatments, tested and approved by hairdressing professionals.

  • MONIQUE care for dry and brittle hair with cocoa butter and baobab oil for frizzy, curly and frizzy hair
  • Ingredients :

    • Cocoa butter
    • Afro and Beyond baobab oil
    • Afro and Beyond Desert Date Oil

    Grate cocoa butter, the benefits of which will provide intense hydration, soothing of the scalp and regeneration of cells.

    Add a few drops of baobab oil, which is nourishing, restorative and moisturizing, and a few drops of desert date oil, which is also very nutritious and fortifying, to strengthen your hair.

    Whip everything with whipped cream to obtain a creamy and light texture.

  • NICOLE anti-dandruff CARE based on shea butter, Neem oil and bissap oil for afro hair:
  • Ingredients :

    Mix a few drops of Neem Oil, whose soothing properties help fight itching and dandruff, with natural anti-inflammatory healing and repairing Shea Butter .

    Then add an ounce of moisturizing and protective oil from bissap Afro and Beyond to nourish your hair and scalp and eliminate dead cells responsible for creating dandruff.

    Whip the whole thing into whipped cream.

  • MARIE-FRANCE anti-hair loss CARE based on cocoa butter, bissap oil and Moringa oil.
  • Ingredients :

    Grate the cocoa butter, whose antioxidant action slows down premature graying of the hair, and add a few drops of bissap oil to it, which will strengthen your hair and stimulate regrowth.

    Then incorporate, drops of moringa oil whose properties help to fight against hair loss and actively mix the mixture to whip it up to obtain a homogeneous and greasy whole.

  • CARE for bleached hair SOPHIE based on cocoa butter, coconut oil and Moringa oil.
  • Ingredients :

    Grate the cocoa butter whose action will deeply repair your hair and add a few drops of coconut oil to nourish, fortify and sheathe it.

    Complete the composition with moisturizing and healing moringa oil droplets. Whip the whole thing into whipped cream.