Our identity

A committed brand

Afro & Beyond is a brand of care products and accessories for the beauty of Afro hair and body.

With more than two decades of expertise in Afro beauty, our experts have combined their knowledge with the ancestral know-how of African artisans to design high quality products.

Widely used both by Afro beauty professionals and by clients concerned with giving adequate care to their skin and hair, Afro and Beyond products are gradually becoming part of the daily life of those looking for healthy and natural beauty.

All our products are the result of expertise acquired over several years of using products on the market and also of a perfect mastery of the benefits of nature by our local partners. This repeated use coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of Afro skin and hair have enabled us to develop rich ranges of products designed and developed to treat your skin and hair with precision and specifically .

Equip yourself with products designed by professionals who master the specificities of your hair and the particularity of your skin to take care of it as it deserves.

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Our philosophy

Afro & Beyond is before being a brand, a state of mind. That of an independent Afro-Caribbean woman proud of her origins and her identity who fully assumes herself. She is also a woman who is an actor in the world around her and who is part of a daily eco-responsible approach for herself and others.

Aware of her potential and demanding, she is looking for a partner able to provide her with advice, quality and service: a beauty ally.

To meet this expectation, Afro & Beyond develops products at the forefront of innovation based on constant monitoring and customer barometers that allow us to improve our formulas and methods.

Choosing Afro & Beyond means opting for natural products, of professional quality but above all meticulously developed by beauty specialists in concert with African craftsmen.

We distinguish ourselves by our quest for technical performance with successful tools on the one hand and by our ambition to become one of the references of innovation in terms of natural Afro beauty. Our 100% natural products are respectful of your skin, your hair and the environment. Reconcile physical beauty and ecological commitment with your everyday partner Afro and Beyond.