Comment réaliser un bain de beurre à base d’huiles précieuses sur des cheveux afro comme un professionnel ?

How to make a butter bath based on precious oils on Afro hair like a professional?

If Afro hair with plump and prominent curls is a treasure of beauty, it requires special maintenance to keep its suppleness and elasticity.

Is your hair dry and brittle? You might need to include an oil-based butter bath in your hair routine. Extremely nutritious and restorative, the butter bath is THE ideal treatment to maintain this type of hair. But how to apply it effectively so as to obtain almost immediate results?

With this tutorial, learn how to perform an effective butter bath in 5 steps and benefit from the valuable advice of our professional specialist in Afro hair treatment.

Here are the elements you will need to make your butter or oil bath:

  • Afro brush : to detangle and smooth - Available in your shop
  • Purifying shampoo
  • Shampoo adapted to the needs of your hair (hydrating, repigmenting, anti-dandruff).
  • Your butter or oil-based treatment (discover our different oily complexes below)
  • Karine long tail comb
  • A roll of cellophane or film


To begin, it is essential to establish a diagnosis of your type of scalp and your hair in order to identify your needs and determine the treatment that will be best suited to your situation.

The first step in your butter bath is to carefully detangle your hair to prevent tangles from appearing while shampooing.


Once your hair has been disentangled, ideally using an afro brush so as not to attack the scalp, your hair is ready for shampooing.

Apply a purifying shampoo to remove all impurities (products, dirt, pollution particles).

Advice from our professional : We advise you to attach particular importance to this step, which is relatively unknown and wrongly neglected because the impurities constitute a barrier around the hair and scalp and thus prevent the penetration of butter or oil.


After making sure to remove the excess water with a towel, divide your hair into 4 equal parts with the Karine tail comb to facilitate the distribution of the concoction on your hair.

Apply the butter or oil mixture section by section from root to tip to both nourish and condition the scalp and hair. Finally, massage the scalp to activate blood circulation and thus stimulate hair growth.

Advice from our professional : For an optimized massage, make circular movements with the tips of your fingers, making sure to go up towards the top of your head .


Once the treatment has been applied, secure the lengths by making a braid (or gather your hair and twist it around the top of the head). Place a sponge headband around your head to prevent the flow of grease on your face on the one hand and to protect you from the heat on the other hand.

Case n°1: You have a steam helmet available : Put yourself under the steam helmet for a period of 30 minutes according to your needs.

Case n°2: You don't have a steam helmet at home: Wrap your hair in cellophane, add a swimming cap over it to increase the heat, an essential element to activate the treatment for a maximum of one hour.

Advice from our professional : Prefer a steam helmet for better penetration and hydration of the treatment.


Leave your treatment to cool for 5 minutes then apply a mild purifying shampoo followed by a moisturizing shampoo to help seal in the moisture (especially if you are fond of protective hairstyles). You have just made your first butter/oil bath, after rinsing, admire the result.

Advice from our professional : If you want to straighten it, do not one but two mild purifying shampoos to prevent your hair from being too greasy and smoking on contact with your straightener.

Then apply a treating shampoo (ex: moisturizing, repigmenting, anti-dandruff). You can also add a conditioner to finalize the butter or oil bath.


Your first oil bath is now complete! Perfect ! Your hair is softer, supple and full of vitality. You are now wondering how often you will have to perform your butter bath in order to maintain your hair in this state of full beauty.

Our Afro hair treatment expert recommends that you perform this treatment once a week for very damaged hair and once every 3 weeks for healthy hair.

The different Afro and Beyond skincare combinations

We offer several treatment combinations based on the association of butters and precious natural oils to target your actions and maintain your hair effectively.

These oily complexes can bring you immediate results (provided a relevant assessment at the start), it is essential before each application to study your hair to know and detect its needs in order to apply the appropriate care.

To find out what care is best suited to your hair, discover our different hair care products based on precious oils by clicking here.