Qu’apportent les huiles végétales précieuses de plus que les huiles végétales classiques ? 

What do valuable vegetable oils add to conventional vegetable oils?

Essential in our beauty rituals because of the myriad of benefits they provide, natural vegetable oils are increasingly popular. True treasures of nature, they are widely used to moisturize, beautify and care for skin and hair.

At the time of the return to naturalness, it seems important to distinguish the different categories of vegetable oils offered by Afro and Beyond in order to use these rare foodstuffs wisely.

Afro and Beyond offers two types of vegetable oils to take care of your skin and your hair in a natural way: So-called precious oils and so-called classic vegetable oils. Although each of these categories is beneficial for your daily care, we explain in a few points the difference between precious vegetable oils and classic vegetable oils.

Rarity and exception

Precious vegetable oils come from rare plants from which only a limited amount of oil can be extracted per season. They are in fact extracted from plants, often exotic, respecting the cycles of nature and organic farming.

These oils, which are very rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals, are full of exceptional properties for Afro skin and hair. Nourishing, restorative, softening and even rejuvenating for some, they are distinguished by their superior quality.

Because of their preciousness, their extraction is measured and controlled by local producers who have ancestral know-how and in-depth knowledge of local arboriculture and herbalism.

The cold pressing of plants and seeds is therefore meticulously carried out by African farmers with elaborate and ecological working methods.

Concerned about reconciling beauty and nature, Afro and Beyond offers precious oils originating from African plants, including Moringa oil due to its centralized production in the world, Baobab vegetable oil, of which a tree only produces a limited quantity per year, or even desert date palm vegetable oil, the access and extraction of which are particularly complex.

Multiple virtues

Classic vegetable oils come from the cold pressing of prolific plants that are easier to access. Of course, this in no way detracts from the multiple properties they offer due to their richness in essential fatty acids, vitamins and omegas. Nourishing, moisturizing and protective, they will undoubtedly work wonders on your skin and hair.

Precious vegetable oils will have a more powerful action, especially in the treatment of skin and hair problems. These rare natural resources are also very often used in aromatherapy.

The exceptional and refined character of precious vegetable oils makes them highly sought-after and therefore more expensive products. Afro and Beyond is part of an eco-responsible approach by collaborating with local producers who respect arboriculture.

We have selected professionals whose working methods are in line with the importance we place on Mother Nature.

Our quest for excellence leads us to offer exceptional natural products of singular quality to help you reconcile personal beauty with a return to nature.

Application tip:

The use is made by a cutaneous application at the rate of a few drops applied

directly on the skin. You can also integrate them into an oily complex, that is to say in association with other vegetable oils or butters.

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