Comment réaliser un silk press ou blow out réussi étape par étape ?

How to perform a successful silk press or blow out step by step?

Obtaining a perfect and long-lasting smoothness with Afro hair is a fantasy for some and a daily occurrence for others.

How to rebalance the balance and ensure that you too are able to style and control your hair to achieve this goal?

Several straightening methods, including the silk press or blow out, make it possible to obtain a perfect hairstyle that lasts over time.

In this tutorial, discover how to make a successful silk press in 7 steps. Also take advantage of our beauty tips, delivered by afro hair care and styling specialists.

Like a cooking recipe, you will need the following tools and products to make your silk wrap:

  • Wrap scarf - Available in your store
  • Boar brush - Available in your shop
  • Shampoo adapted to the needs of your hair.
  • Care - To strengthen your hair and make it more flexible and also take a heat protectant to protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer and straighteners
  • Long Laëtitia tail comb for frizz-free straightening
  • Afro brush : to detangle and smooth - Available in your shop
  • A straightener
  • A hair dryer
  • hair clips
  • A roll of cellophane or film
  • Rebecca styling comb - available in your shop

Step 1 : Shampoo, for clean and docile hair

Start by performing a purifying shampoo or two to cleanse the scalp and hair to keep it light. Then make a shampoo adapted to the needs of your hair and your scalp, making sure to massage it in all delicacy.

Step 2: The treatment, a crucial moment for strong, resistant and light shiny hair

Because it is essential to take care of the hair and scalp in order to nourish, fortify, moisturize and soften it, then apply an adequate treatment and then wrap your hair in cellophane.

Note : For optimal hydration of the hair and scalp, it is best to wear a steam helmet, taking care to respect the exposure time so as not to weigh them down.

After rinsing your first treatment, apply another leave-in treatment and a thermal hair protector (in serum, milk or spray). Be sure to use only a small amount to avoid weighing them down while protecting them from damage caused by heating appliances.

This step is crucial to obtain the expected result: healthy and malleable hair. They will only be easier to style, more radiant in terms of appearance and strong to resist the heat.

Step 3: Drying with the afro brush: Essential for a successful silk wrap

Did you know ? A successful silk wrap or blow out depends 60% on drying.

As you will have understood, this step will depend on the final result. It is therefore essential to have the right tools to dry the hair thoroughly and effectively.

  1. Separate your wet hair into 4 equal parts using the Laëtitia long tail comb
  2. Detangle the hair section by section with the afro and Beyond afro brush, starting at the ends and working towards the roots.
  3. Using the afro brush and a hair dryer on moderate heat, relax the wet hair strand by strand from the root to the tips. For type 4C hair, start at the ends working towards the root to avoid pulling the hair too much. Multifunction, the afro brush will smooth, dry and detangle your hair actively. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary (while avoiding excess heat) until you get a dry and relaxed set.

Tip #1 : Keep the hair dryer moving (as in the video) to better manage the heat

Tip #2: Drying your wet hair will allow you to have smooth and silky hair and avoid getting dry hair with frizz.
If certain parts are dry, even partially, moisten them with a spray made of water then dry them as indicated above. Finally, make sure to keep the hair taut using the brush throughout this operation in order to obtain a successful straightening with softer hair.

Step 4: Smoothing, key step to flatten

This is where the long tailed comb Laëtitia comes in. Its tight teeth will allow you to smooth again with the hair dryer to eradicate the last frizz (especially with type 4 hair). This will make it easier to smooth section by section with your straightener.

Its long stem will allow you to define the area to be straightened and its fine teeth to detangle the hair before and during the passage of the straightener.

Then, still strand by strand, straighten the hair, insisting on the roots, with a classic but good quality straightener set at a temperature adapted to your hair type.
If after smoothing, you want to have a movement, style them in the desired direction (curl or smooth).

Note: Avoid steam straighteners for long-lasting straightening.

Step 5: The wrap

  1. After styling with the long tail comb, wrap the hair around your head (taking care to smooth it out to avoid any frizz) clockwise to make the wrap. You will get a swirl shape like in the video below.
  2. Gently slick hair with the Afro and Beyond Boar Bristle Brush to align and flatten all hair in the direction of the wrap
  3. Tie the Afro and Beyond wrap scarf around the hair in the direction of the wrap, making sure to pull it tight. If you notice the last frizz, do not hesitate to go around the wrap again (always in the same direction) using the wrap scarf as in the following video.

Step 6: Rest, the wrap has its effect

Leave to stand for fifteen minutes (even overnight, for example).

Step 7: Styling, your hair will be smooth, dense and beautiful

Style your hair with the Rebecca Styling Comb . Your hair is smooth, beautiful and shiny! If you avoid any form of moisture, they shouldn't budge for a while.
However, don't forget to do your wrap every evening to keep your hair styled.

Last tip : In order to avoid wetting your hair and losing the effects of your smoothing, when you take your shower, tie a cotton scarf exclusively then add your bathing cap over it. Also beware of the weather which can play tricks on you, we keep a scarf and umbrella nearby :).

The trick is played, here you are now, an expert in silk press or blow out! A routine to adopt without moderation for healthy and silky hair. It's up to you.

To note :

If you do not want to change the nature of your hair (by making it permanently smooth), avoid doing too much straightening. Indeed, repeated straightening will gradually relax your curls and irreversibly modify your hair.