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Afro and Beyond

Kangue Comb

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Enhance your afro with your Kangué comb. Thanks to its robust material , teak, an exotic wood species particularly known for its qualities in terms of durability and longevity, it will be your daily ally in the search for your favorite hairstyle.
Its component, teak wood is a solid wood, reputed to be noble.

Its wide teeth will allow you to extend your afro to the maximum. The 5 teeth that compose it, will not be negligible for a controlled volume.
Developed by a selection of African craftsmen, the handmade Kangué comb guarantees unparalleled hair quality.
Indeed the uniqueness of your combs will be explained by its entirely artisanal manufacture.
Peigne Kangué - Afro and Beyond
Peigne Kangué - Afro and Beyond 1
Peigne Kangué - Afro and Beyond 2
Peigne Kangué - Afro and Beyond 3
Peigne Kangué - Afro and Beyond 4
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