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Washable make-up remover wipes

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The make-up remover and washable wipes deeply eliminate all the impurities accumulated on the skin throughout the day and leave you with soft and satiny skin!

Without comedogenic components and pleasant in contact with the skin, the wipes will give you a feeling of well-being and cleanliness. Composed mainly of soft and exfoliating cotton, they let your skin breathe.

They will therefore be ideal for women with dark to very dark afro skin, as they are more prone to dehydration.

In addition to appreciating their comfort, their elaborate design will undeniably seduce you! Enter the secret lair of natural afro beauty!

Easy to wash, store and transport thanks to their washing net

Thanks to their mesh washing net, transparent, protective and breathable, they are reusable several times while maintaining optimal efficiency and their soft fabric. Multifunction, the net can be used to store your soiled wipes while waiting to clean them, but also as a travel bag to easily carry your wipes clean. You can take it everywhere and thus refresh your skin and that of the whole family at all times.

Ecological...and economical

Washable make-up remover wipes due to their reusability reduce the impact on the environment.

Made of vegetable fiber by African craftsmen, they do not contain any polluting agent for the skin. Finally, they will allow you to make significant savings!

Care advice

We advise you to wash your wipes before the first use in the washing machine at 60°C and after each use in order to extract stubborn makeup stains and allow them to regain their shine. Finally, keep your wipes in their washing net to avoid the loss and deposit of unwanted dirt.

using advice

  1. Dampen your make-up remover wipe with lukewarm water, pressing lightly for good soaking.
  2. Gently apply the make-up remover wipe to your skin using circular movements.
  3. Rinse the wipe regularly by exerting pressure in order to bring out the impurities and repeat the operation until obtaining a clear and clean skin.
  4. Use the back side to remove the last residues
  5. Rinse the wipe thoroughly for one minute with water to clean it and remove impurities.

Number of wipes per kit sold: 7 wipes + washing net

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