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Baobab vegetable oil

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Even out your complexion and get velvety skin

The vegetable oil of Baobab Afro and Beyond will become a must for the care of your hair and your body when you have experienced it. Taken from the emblematic Senegalese tree of the same name, Baobab vegetable oil is one of the most precious oils in Africa, due to its rarity, longevity and exceptional properties.

Healthy skin in a protected body

Its purifying and healing properties make it a key ingredient in beauty rituals in Africa to cleanse and care for the skin.

At the same time nourishing, softening and regenerating, the vegetable oil of Baobab Afro and Beyond contains fatty acids, substances essential to the care of the skins with problems and tired. In just a few weeks of application, your skin is supple and sparkling.

With more than 70% unsaturated fatty acids (essential for the regeneration of the hydrolipidic film), Baobab oil helps your skin to hydrate, nourish and heal. Your skin is now armed to fight against external aggressions but also the aging of skin tissue, spots and imperfections and other skin conditions. Your skin is softer, toned and supple thanks to its content of essential fatty acids. Smile, you shine.

Strengthen your hair from root to tip

Favorite product of African women for the care of their skin, Baobab vegetable oil acts as a hair protector that nourishes and beautifies your frizzy, wavy and curly hair. It will become a valuable strengthening partner for all women with dry and dull hair. Its active power restores your hair fiber, and reduces split ends and brittle ends. Its unique formula revitalizes and leaves your hair supple and shiny. Its unsuspected virtues in terms of care will make it your best beauty asset, because your hair deserves the best treatment.

Advice for use by our professional:

You can use the oil pure or in oily combination.

  • For the skin : Pour a few pure drops of Baobab oil into the hand and apply them to the skin. The drops are to be adjusted according to the area to be covered (1-2 drops for the face or even a little more for the body).

Ideal for :

  • Dry to very dry, tight skin
  • Sensitive skins
  • Cracks
  • Prevention of stretch marks

  • For hair

For frizzy, wavy and curly natural or straightened, bleached or colored hair, we advise you to use Baobab Afro and Beyond vegetable oil in two ways:

  • In oil bath
  • In addition to a treatment to increase the effects

In an oil bath:

In an oil bath, follow the different steps of our tutorial to create an effective and nourishing oil bath .

To boost a treatment:

You can also add one to two drops of Afro and Beyond baobab oil to a treatment to enhance its effects. For straightening enthusiasts, we recommend that you dose the amount of oil in the treatment correctly in order to avoid weighing down the hair or other harmful effects (smoke or burning of the hair during straightening).

For natural hairstyles, you can also use the oil to seal in moisture and make the hair more manageable.

Composition: Baobab seeds.

Extra virgin oil, 100% pure natural, extra virgin, without any chemical treatment.

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Huile végétale de baobab - Afro and Beyond
Huile végétale de baobab - Afro and Beyond
Huile végétale de baobab - Afro and Beyond
Huile végétale de baobab - Afro and Beyond 6
Huile végétale de baobab - Afro and Beyond 7
Huile végétale de baobab - Afro and Beyond
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