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Desert date oil

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Equip yourself with the beauty secrets of a prodigious natural oil!

Desert date oil is one of Africa's best-kept beauty secrets. Free of chemicals, this pure and natural oil will be ideal for afro with combination and oily problem skin.

Specially used in the cosmetic care of the Sahelians where it originates, the desert date palm has significant antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Cold pressed by local craftsmen, it turns into an oil that is both softening and regenerating because it is rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Benefit from the contributions of this emblematic fruit to firm and revive the sumptuousness of your skin.

Softened and preserved skin

Penetrating, healing and non-greasy, Afro and Beyond desert date palm oil offers you effective and natural protection against climatic and environmental aggressions. Its nourishing and emollient attributes help maintain skin hydration, fight against acne and other skin conditions.

A real barrier for the skin, desert date oil preserves the skin membrane, promotes regeneration, promotes the regeneration of skin cells , slows cell aging and the appearance of wrinkles and spots thanks to its powerful antioxidant power. Pleasant to the touch with its dry appearance, you will appreciate its easy handling as it leaves no greasy film

Your skin is toned and supple, you are radiant and look younger.

Your secret asset for a flourishing hair

Extremely rich in vitamins (A and E) and in oleic and linoleic acids, Desert date oil promotes the repair of dry and brittle hair. Very active, it deeply restores your hair fiber, hydrates, nourishes and protects your hair to make it stronger and healthier. Your hair is silkier, the lengths preserved and their radiant beauty!

Say goodbye to dull, dry hair with Afro and Beyond's desert date palm oil, a formidable ally for the maintenance of frizzy, curly and wavy hair ! An essential to include without delay in your hair routine!

Directions for use for hair:

Whether your hair is bleached, dehydrated, straightened, colored or even natural, we offer 2 types of oil use to make your hair beautiful and silky.

  • In oil bath
  • In addition to a treatment to boost the effects

In oil bath

We recommend that you use Afro and Beyond desert date oil in an oil bath at least once every 3 weeks (or less if your hair does not require such diligent care) by following the different steps described in our tutorial "How to make a butter bath with precious oils on Afro hair like a professional ?

Your hair is now nourished, soft and shiny without excess oiliness.

Boost a treatment

You can also add one to two drops of Afro and Beyond desert date oil to a treatment to enhance its effects. For straightening enthusiasts, we recommend that you dose the amount of oil in the treatment correctly in order to avoid weighing down the hair or other harmful effects (smoke or burning of the hair during straightening).

For natural Wash and Go type styling, you can use the oil (with caution) to boost the effect of your treatment. Be careful not to put too much oil, which would have the effect of smothering the hair.

Directions for use for the body:

Pour a few pure drops of desert date oil into the hand and apply to the skin. The drops are to be adjusted according to the area to be covered (1-2 drops for the face or even a little more for the body)

Ideal for very dry skin, desert date oil will provide deep hydration. Light and penetrating, it is recommended for natural 2-in-1 use.

Composition : Vegetable oil (Triglycerides of several fatty acids) – Product of natural origin, from forestry agriculture. Extra virgin oil, 100% pure natural, extra virgin, without any chemical treatment.

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