Artisans africains

African artisans

Afro & Beyond is a brand dedicated to the care and beauty of mixed Afro women. We want to celebrate you every day and sublimate you as you deserve to be. This is why a large part of our products come from Africa, particularly from the West of the continent. As we say, our brand proclaims the well-being of our customers. This is why it is important to us to provide materials by us, for us. Indeed, a major part of our products come from our artisans located in these areas. For a more authentic approach and quality natural products, traditional African know-how is not negligible!

Afro & Beyond takes up ancestral codes with a touch of modernity of its own.

Produced by us, for us is a motto that is close to our hearts. Africa is a source of innumerable riches that are within our reach. It is now a question of exploiting them to benefit as many people as possible.

Afro & Beyond, Afro and beyond!

Manufacture of Baobab-based products

Kangue Comb

Each product is unique and handmade.

We are thinking in particular of the Kangué comb, which will reveal your volume; to our powders which are exclusively made in Senegal; to the Ivory Coast present in our Shea and Cocoa butters as well as to the flowers of showers, and exfoliating gloves shaped in Senegal.

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